Equipment required

The rectangular wall-anchored post with tensioning arm

The round floor-anchored post without tensioning winder

The court 3 short net (opaque green box)

Steps to set-up

1. Secure round post in Court 3 floor anchors - see Universal National Model Posts page, feet should be on outside of court

2. Adjust height so you can easily reach the top hook

3. Take long end of net's headline and loop around the top hook down under the second cleat and secure at top cleat as shown in this picture

4. Attach wall-anchored post to wall, ensuring posts are attached to the bolts on the wall and in the keyhole on the floor.

5. With your foot behind the post holding it in the secured position in the floor's keyhole adjust the height of the slider so you can comfortably reach the jockey wheel at the top

6. Extend the long hook / bolt that is part of the tensioning mechanism to its full extent, lift the tensioning arm and attach net to end of chain

7. Adjust height on both heights to desired level

Year 9 & 10 Boys should play at Ladies height.  Year 11 & 12 Boys half-way between Ladies and Men's. Girls should play at Junior height until they reach Year 11.  In the picture of the round post above next to the lower arrow you can see a round nodule indicating that the slider is set to Junior height.

8. On the wall-anchored post tighten the long hook / bolt

9 . Lower the tensioning arm

10. Tie-off the loose cords to provide tension throughout the net

11. When using the dividing curtain please lift as it goes up the railing rather than pulling straight across.

Steps to take-down

Do not attempt to take down either post until the net is completely removed from it.

  1. Un-tie cords
  2. At wall-mounted end: Lift the tensioning arm, extend the bolt / hook and release net
  3. Undo the net at round post end and ask a helper to fold it neatly and put in correct box
  4. Remove floor anchors from round posts and re-attach to wheels
  5. Remove wall-mounted post and put all equipment away neatly